Business Development and Investment Consulting

New Frontiers in Emerging Markets 


 One-Call-Africa Consulting Ltd. is a UK based consultancy and research firm that specialises in business investment and development particularly in emerging economies with a special focus on Africa. The company seeks to work with investors from the UK and the whole of Europe to consider Africa as a viable and credible investment destination. The core area of the business includes market/investment opportunity research and intelligence, representation, business to business partnering and country research and analysis.

Our work has also helped a number of businesses from Africa to venture into the UK/European markets through corporate partnerships etc. We have also worked with many NGOs that are either already working or considering working in Africa.

Our consultancy work spans across all sectors including mining (and mining equipment), agriculture, transport, tourism, agriculture, waste management, real estate, energy and renewable energy, health and education etc.

Our consultants network with a wide range of organisations comprising of both governmental and non governmental bodies both in Africa and in the UK.

One-Call-Africa Consulting is currently active in Eastern and Southern Africa though the target market is the entire continent of Africa where the company has an active and expanding network.

The company also continues to build networks with a wide range of expertise in many countries of the world.



One-call-Africa Consulting Ltd value its customers as the foundation of the company’s core business. The company’s relationships with customers and suppliers are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit. The company aim to develop profitable and lasting relationships with all its customers and build on what it does well and to innovate to meet changing customer needs in line with specific market demands.


Key Aims:


·         To help boost trade between the UK/Europe and Africa to crate economic and social opportunities

·         To help UK/European companies to exploit multi-sector market opportunities in Africa

·         To help African businesses exploit the UK/European niche market opportunities

·         To enable greater business to business interaction and activity and

·         To promote social justice


Description of Business

The core area for One-Call-Africa Consulting includes research, company representation, business and investment development. The following is the break-down of the service areas.


Getting British Business Online



It is the company’s priority to undertake all the necssary market research to inform our consultant specialists and also the clients to make informed choices. Market research focuses on some of the following areas:

  • Economic and Business Research and analysis for the purpose of informing decision making
  • Targeted Surveys for monitoring and evaluation of projects
  •  Market research for promotion and assessments or sourcing and outsourcing
  • Online and desk research
  • Field Research

One-Call-Africa Consulting works with a number of research agencies and UK universities that supply the company with intelligence data and information to ensure that investment deals are made on the basis of evidence.


Representation and business development


The firm provides business consultation and representation on behalf of customers in the market place where One-Call-Africa works in the interest of the client. One-Call-Africa also helps companies with respect to the formation and organisation of business enterprises including start-ups, partnerships and joint venture arrangements focusing on the following among others:.

  • Project Management and Development
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Business plans
  •  Lean management
  •  Mergers & Acquisition
  •  Networking and
  •  Workshop facilitation

Other Services


Apart from providing consultancy services to individuals and organisations, One-Call-Africa-Consulting also offers the following services:

  • Sourcing and supplying mining equipment
  • Sourcing and supplying auto parts of all makes
  • Sourcing and supplying farming equipment and
  • Accountancy services